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Ceramic Sealing Canberra

We provide professional sealing services for ceramic tiles, offering solutions for both porous and glazed Ceramic tiles.

We cover all Canberra suburbs.

Ceramic Tile Cleaning CanberraCeramic tile is another commonly used product for flooring in Canberra. Polished and colorful ceramic tiles housed within clean looking grout borders add a touch of sparkling charm to your home. Our team of Ceramic sealing experts will protect your grouts and tiles by using our quality sealers. We can seal the Ceramic tiles themselves or the grout lines between the tiles to protect them and make them easier to maintaine. We will come to your home, office, shop or factory and get the job done quickly and professionally. Your Ceramic tiles & grout will be protected to keep them looking good and easy to maintaine.

Sealing Ceramic Tiles

At Tile Cleaners Pty Ltd, we often get asked to recommend a sealer for Ceramic Tiles, the simple answer is if they are glazed then the tiles themselves don't need one, but the porous grout lines should always be sealed with a water based impregnating penetrating sealer. However if your Ceramic tiles are porous then we recommend you seal the tiles with an impregnating penetrating water based sealer.

deepshield moisture ceramic

The first step in maintenance of Ceramic tiles is the sealing of the tile (if necessary) and the grout (if porous).

Generally, glazed tile requires no sealer. Some unglazed tile requires no sealer. Know the type of tile you are installing. Test it with a small amount of water. If the surface darkens, it absorbs water and needs to be sealed.

Generally, cementitious grouts require sealing while specialty grouts like epoxy and furans do not. If the grout darkens with water, it needs a sealer.

deepshield breathe ceramic

Many people seal their tile that is installed indoors to protect against everyday dirt, stains and wear. When sealing tile indoors a topical sealer is important in some types of softer tiles like saltillo (topical produces a surface coat). When using a topical sealer, a "wear layer" or "sacrificial coating" of acrylic floor finish should be applied in addition to the sealer. This "wear layer" of acrylic floor finish will keep you from wearing through the sealer and having to strip and reseal the entire floor.

Some Manufacturers have sealers that incorporate a sacrificial coating together with a penetrating sealer. This can be the best of both worlds. However, it is critical that you maintain this wear layer.

On indoor installations of hard, dense tiles or stones, many people select a penetrating sealer only. This type of sealer leaves no topical finish and therefore does not require a "wear layer" coating, but will give lasting protection from everyday dirt and stains.

The use of sealers on tile is an area that books could be written about, with all the options available and their relations to each other. We speak only in very general terms and keep in mind; there are exceptions to every rule. Our technicians throughout Canberra are fully trained and experienced on using different types of sealers and will make sure your job is done professionally.

What is Ceramic Tile?

Ceramic Tile Cleaning CanberraClay mud, mixed with various other natural minerals and materials, when dried and then "Fired", melts together forming a solid, hardened mass. Over the centuries people have learned to form the clay into tiles (thin square or other shapes) to be used for decoration or protection. Tiles can be painted using a colored, powdered glass compound, then "Fired" again to cause the glass to melt to the surface of the tile. The "glazed" surface resists moisture and staining and works as a floor or wall surface because of those traits and the fact that it doesn't wear out very fast.

The term "ceramic tile" is often used as a generic name for all types of man made tile. But the composition of true ceramic is very different from that of the other types. Since ceramic material is porous, the top surface is usually sealed with a glaze. The glazed surface is referred to as the design layer since it determines the tile's finished color, design and texture. Glazed ceramic tiles are a popular option these days due their durability, water and scratch resistance. However, not all ceramic tiles are glazed.

Types of Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tile is categorized in many different ways. At the most basic level, tiles come either glazed or unglazed. With unglazed tile, the color runs throughout the tile body. The color can be the natural earth tone of the clay itlsef, or the color of a pigment that has been added to it before firing. Glazed tiles, on the other hand, have color which has been added to the surface of the tile. The color is applied to the tile after firing. The tile is then fired again to bond the glaze to the clay body. Glazed tiles range from a high gloss to a dull matte finish, and come in a much wider range of colors, patterns and surface textures.

Glazed Ceramic Tiles

Glazed tiles should never be sealed. The glaze is the "sealer" and is far more permanent and resistant to wear than any sealer.

Glazed ceramic tile is very durable, and when properly installed and cared for, it will last longer than any non-tile material used for the same purpose. It is also one of the easiest surfaces to clean, and because of its composition, it will not absorb odors, nor support allergens or bacteria. When coated with a Grade III or higher glaze, ceramic tile is highly resistant to scratching and moisture. Another important feature is that it will not burn, emit toxic fumes or scorch.

Glazed Ceramic Tiles are Easy to Maintain, however the grout lines should always be sealed to protect from discoloration as well as keep them easy to maintain.

Unglazed / Natural Ceramic Tiles

Once you decide to get unglazed ceramic tile for your flooring, you would have to figure out wether it needs to be sealed or not. This will depend on wether it is porous or not.

Sealing Grout Lines between Ceramic Tiles

The grout is typically made from sand and cement, but there are times that silicone is used. The combination of sand and cement is more difficult to clean compared to the silicone. But if you take time for cleaning ceramic tile grout, you will have no problems with cleaning it.

Tile Cleaners Pty Ltd always recommends sealing cement grouts. For ease of maintenance and protection against stains, this is a small cost of the total job, but the affects of not sealing can make you unhappy and cost you more money in the long run.

Some sealers breath naturally so a "still wet" installation can be allowed to dry out even after the sealer is applied. However, some sealers lock in the moisture as they lock out the stains.

Some sealers protect against everyday dirt and minor staining elements; others protect against harsh staining elements like hot grease.

deepshield generic ceramic

Your choices in grout sealers are a topical sealer that can offer a wet look, or a penetrating impregnating sealer that has a natural look, which protects the grout but does not change the look of the grout.

When sealing the grout there are various techniques to apply the sealer. Our technician will use the best suitable technique when sealing your grout lines, depending on the type and size of the job.

Cleaning Ceramic Tiles

Cleaning the ceramic tile surface is usually not too difficult but cleaning the grout lines is generally the most difficult aspect of cleaning ceramic tiles. Ceramic tile is a durable and decorative surface covering. The grout between tiles, however, can be a dirt and mildew magnet, which is why we always reccomend sealing the grout lines between your ceramic tiles. Cleaning ceramic tile grout is not particularly difficult, but it can be tedious and require a bit of elbow grease. There are a number of commercial and home cleaners that make the job easier, but keep in mind that each method has its positives and negatives.

Cleaning ceramic tile can be a huge pain for anyone who isn't using the right tools. Don't waste unnecessary time cleaning ceramic tile by hand. With our cleaning machines and equipment it has never been easier to achieve the sparkling clean that you want and others will notice.

Our Ceramic Tile Restoration service will bring back your Ceramic tiles & grout to its best possible condition. We cover all Canberra suburbs.

Our grout sealing service for glazed Ceramic tiles will protect the grout lines between your ceramic tiles for years to come, while making them easier to maintaine.

Ceramic Tile Cleaning Canberra Ceramic Tile Cleaning Canberra Ceramic Tile Cleaning Canberra

We provide specialised cleaning & sealing solutions for Ceramic floor surfaces. We cover all Canberra suburbs.

Our equipment can handle both domestic and commercial cleaning jobs, leaving your Ceramic tiles spotless and hygienic.

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When I moved into my new house, I was shocked by how dirty and old the ceramic tiles in the entire house looked. I wasn't sure if they were supposed to be like that or if they were just really dirty. I decided to call Tile Cleaners and ask them to have a look and tell me what I could do to improve the look of my ceramic tiles. Tile Cleaners came the same weekend and managed to make my tiles look brand new. They also informed me that the sealer would protect my ceramic tiles for years to come. Amazing! Thank you guys! My floor looks gorgeous.

Amanda Burtender, Brighton East, VIC

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